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What is the major difference between Mitsubishi's inverter systems and standard compressors?

Using a system with an inverter driven compressor has the following benefits:

Inverter Systems Standard Compressors
The inverter compressor will speed up and slow down to maintain the conditioned space temperature.
A standard compressor will turn on and off to maintain the temperature. A compressor draws more amps at start up then any other time. 
The amount of energy consumed by the inverter compressor is directly related to the amount of cooling required. (Capacity changes as needed) A standard compressor will consume the maximum amount of energy to produce a maximum amount of cooling at all times. (Capacity does not change)
An inverter compressor will help the system reach itís set point quicker by running at a higher RPM for a shorter length of time and then ramping down to maintain temperature. A standard compressor will run at the same RPM for a longer period of time and then turn on and off to maintain temperature.
The indoor temperature swing is minimized with the inverter compressor because the indoor coil is active longer. As the temperature changes slightly the compressor speed will change slightly to compensate. The standard compressor will kick back on at full speed to compensate for a small change in temperature. 

All the benefits of using an inverter driven compressor boils down to one very important fact. You only consume as much energy as needed at any given time, meaning if you do not need the full capacity of the system you will not be paying for the full capacity of the system.

High Speed Heating and Cooling
Ideal performance is assured by controlling compressor rotation, according to the cooling and heat load of a room. Inverter technology promotes maximum compressor efficiency by flexibly changing the rotation speed to match operating requirements accurately. 

Extra Energy Savings
For optimum performance, the inverter technology controls the electrical frequency to the compressor according to the cooling and heat load of a room. Frequency is automatically lowered on AC inverter models when less power is required to reduce the consumption of electricity by a remarkable amount of up to thirty per cent (compared to non-inverter models).

INVERTER Compressor Provides Precise Comfort Control
By controlling compressor rotation speed precisely, the innovative inverter technology found in Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI systems offers exceptional air conditioning performances: high-speed cooling and heating and temperature fluctuation detection while reducing power consumption for extra energy savings in any and all applications.

Optimum Comfort Year-round
To ensure that a room is never too cold or too hot, inverter technology allows the air conditioner to detect subtle fluctuations in room temperature and adjust automatically. Unlike conventional air conditioning units that must start or stop repetitively, inverter units offer finely tuned operation such as the accurate control of compressor rotation for a more comforting airflow and far less temperature variations. 



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